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2019-09-18 09:08:12

        Go to the formal cupboard shop to customize the whole kitchen. When you sign the contract, you will definitely finalize some details of the configuration. The handle is one of them. Different styles will definitely be configured with different styles, and the merchants will also introduce some free ones, some of which are charged, which is basically enough to make you dazzled and unable to pay attention.

        So, the practicality of the handle, I wonder if it is within your consideration?

        First, if your kitchen still has most of the cooking function, and the frequency of use is high, or you do not like to take care of the room hygienic type, it is strongly recommended that no matter what style, style, no texture Too many (preferably not), smart you, you must know the reason, I am just a reminder.

        Second, if you look at a solid cabinet handle, that is, the side of the handle is all attached to the cabinet door, then please carefully confirm whether you really like the point. This kind of handle looks longer than the actual hole distance, and is mostly used in flat furniture. If applied to streamlined cabinets, it adds a simple, resolute taste. However, please note that during the use of the fingers, the fingers can not be gripped, and it will be more laborious and uncomfortable to open the cabinet door. It is inconvenient to take care of this when you open the cabinet door. It takes about 3 months to half a year.



        Third, many cabinet shop exhibition halls now have hidden handles, that is, the handle and the door panel are integrated, placed above the door panel, and the minimalist interpretation to the extreme. But the handle is not as good as the normal handle. If you choose, be sure to handle the smoothness on both sides of the handle, or when signing with the merchant, you should emphasize that the handle on the door panel of your cabinet needs to be smoothed, or use a professional plug. Therefore, the handle is an aluminum profile, which is cut according to the size of the door panel, and it is inevitable that it is not sharp, and it is relatively sharp. Since the use of the handle is different from the normal handle, it is easy to scratch the arm in the first two months.

        Fourth, choose the handle, there is one point, you may care about the length of the handle configuration. But I don't know if I will notice how much area around the screw hole on the back of the handle can cover the hole. Select a larger area around the screw hole of the handle. why? Because the smaller the area around the screw hole of the handle, the more precise the handle hole on the door panel is, otherwise, the slight deviation will cause the handle hole to be exposed and the door panel to be scrapped. The door panel is redone, not the same batch of products, the color difference is inevitable, especially the paint door panel basically has no possibility of no color difference. Others, such as extending the construction period, you can spend a lot of time on the door, such as the loss of the installation worker, the telephone bill negotiated with the merchant, and the mood affected by the matter. Fortunately, this error is not much. However, the handle hole on the door panel is manual operation after all, and the possibility of error is inevitable. In particular, the installation of the handle is basically the last job of installing the cabinet (the countertop may be post-installation), and the spirit of the person is most relaxed at this time. In theory, this work is the most error-prone. Therefore, this point also needs to be considered in detail.

        Article from: Aluminum handle manufacturers


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