Today's furniture handles are getting more and more fashionable

2019-09-18 09:12:49

        In life, the embellishment of details will always make people shine. Recently, when reporters visited the home market, they found that the furniture handles that were not valued before have changed a lot. The crystal, gold-plated, carved, and various strange handles continue to attract consumers' attention. Today, the design of art is the biggest feature of the handle, such as some products using Disney graphics, Snoopy, Mickey, Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck ... design is especially popular with young people.

        Bright colors, gorgeous flowers, red, yellow, white and blue add a lively touch to the handle. In the shape, there are regular geometric shapes such as diamonds and rectangles, as well as irregular bodies such as serpents, braids, hooks, fans, nets, and ropes.


        In addition, some high-end furniture handles have appeared on the market, such as Swarovski crystal handles, gold-plated handles, etc. The changes in materials have brought about qualitative changes, making the handles more and more gorgeous, and letting the handles get rid of the "supporting role" status. .

        Although the handles are more and more fashionable, it is also necessary to pay attention to the furniture and the color and texture of the handle when customizing the furniture. For example, dark furniture should be decorated with gold-colored metal handles to make the contrast between the two, furniture will look more radiant; light-colored furniture should be matched with silver-white ring or stick-shaped metal handle, which is simple and generous; antique dark brown or dark Red furniture, wooden handles or gold-tone metal handles are the most suitable, which will accentuate the heavy feeling.

        Corner cabinets should choose smart and fashionable handles; furniture with many doors or drawers should avoid the choice of long handles, and smaller diamonds or ring handles are the best.

        In addition, it should be noted that in a house, whether it is a single piece of furniture, or a combination of furniture, cabinets, the color and style of the handle should be unified, otherwise it will destroy the overall beauty of the furniture.

        Article from: aluminum handle manufacturers

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