Rust prevention tips of hardware tools

2019-09-18 08:57:02

        Metal products in hardware products, the primary problem in maintenance work is to prevent corrosion. Metal corrosion is caused by chemical or electrochemical effects of the surrounding medium. According to different media, it is divided into atmospheric corrosion, soil corrosion, seawater corrosion, bacterial corrosion and so on. Atmospheric corrosion is most common during this period, because metal products are exposed to the atmosphere during processing, transportation, storage and maintenance, and there are conditions for atmospheric corrosion.

        It is customary to rust or rust a metal in the atmosphere due to corrosion or discoloration caused by oxygen, moisture and other contaminating impurities. After the metal products are rusted, the lighter affects the appearance quality, the severe ones affect the application, and even form a void. Therefore, the metal products must be properly maintained during maintenance, pay attention to rust prevention.

        General guidelines for the maintenance of hardware products

        1. Select suitable maintenance occasions

        When the metal material is stored, it should be cleaned and dry outside the warehouse, away from the factory floor where harmful gases and dust are generated, and not stored with acid, alkali, salt, gas, powder, etc. Batch registration; when different types of metal devices are registered at the same address, a significant distance is required to avoid the occurrence of touch corrosion. Usually hot-rolled steel can be stored in the shed or twisting pad; all magnesium alloys, small steels, sheets, steel strips, fine parts, metal products and non-ferrous materials should be deposited in the warehouse, and can be stored in special conditions. warehouse.

        2, insist on the warehouse is boring

        To ensure that the relative humidity of the warehouse is below the critical humidity, the relative humidity should normally be controlled at 70%. Manage the temperature and humidity of the warehouse, keep abreast of climate changes, avoid hurricanes and heavy rains, and use ventilation to cool down and damp. The placement of a drier in the library can also have a moisture-reducing effect. Insist on the boring of the warehouse is an important condition to ensure that the warehousing hardware products avoid or reduce rust.

        3, proper palletizing, matting and sealing

        Proper palletizing and matting are also one of the links for moisture and loss prevention of hardware products. The palletizing request is reasonable, firm, quantitative, regular, and saves positions. The seal blocks the metal material from the outside air and reduces the effects of moisture on the rust. The metal material that is sealed and preserved must not be exposed to moisture before sealing, and the quality is intact.

        4, fuel injection method rust

        In the hot and humid areas in the south, the metal parts stored in the open air are only used for the purpose of preventing the rust. They can be sprayed together to prevent rust. However, it is not suitable to spray steel and cold-drawn and cold-drawn steel. Oilers are not allowed to use this method.


        5. Maintenance layer and packaging of the device

        In order to avoid rusting of metal products, rust-proof treatment is usually carried out at the factory, such as chemical treatment to form a protective film, rust-preventing agent or rust-proof packaging. In the operations of transfer, handling and storage, it is necessary to avoid damage to the rust-proof outer layer and the packaging, and not to damage, damage, or compress. If the package is damaged, it should be corrected or replaced. The damp person should adopt the boring treatment. If the rust preventive oil is dirty or dry, the oil should be removed.

        6, adhere to the warehouse and device cleaning

        In order to avoid rusting of metal products, it is necessary to pay attention to the environment of the warehouse, and regularly clean the devices and warehouses, and should not be excessively moist.

        7, strengthen the review of the guidelines, find problems in a timely manner

        During the maintenance period, hardware products should fulfill the viewing criteria and conduct regular, timed and irregular inspections in order to find problems in time and deal with them in a timely manner. Various anti-rust methods of hardware products can only play a role in corrosion inhibition, so maintenance should have a certain time limit, and the guidelines for first-in, first-out, and rotation-transfer should be implemented.

        Article from: aluminum handle manufacturers

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